Do I need to Engage a HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor for HDB housing Renovation?

Here is an overview of some of the more important points to take note of when planning your renovations.

  • Engage only an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor to carry out the renovation, including those works that do not require HDB’s approval
  • All demolition and hacking of walls (be it partial or complete) require HDB’s prior written approval. The approval ensures that any proposed demolition/ hacking work will not affect the structural integrity of the building and compromise public safety. If the structural integrity of the building is affected, it may potentially endanger the safety of your household and your neighbours
  • Do not instruct workers or any person to carry out demolition/hacking works that have not been approved by HDB in writing
  • Comply strictly with the permitted time stipulated by HDB so as not to inconvenience your neighbours

You may face prosecution for failure to engage an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor or if you are found to have contravened any of the Housing and Development (Renovation Control) Rules, such as carrying out unauthorised demolition or hacking works.


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